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AYLShop.com AYL Shop

Calma Properties Inc. is a collaborative team headed by Carlo Calma & Jp Calma, who work with various talents ranging from Architects, Artists, Builders, Chefs, Designers, Engineers, and Scientists, mostly from the second generation Calma Family whose patriarchs originate from Mount Arayat, Pampanga, Philippines.

🚀 Tech Stack

Front End: React.js | Redux | Saga | Material UI | Formik | Yup | SAAS.

Back End: PHP-Laravel | MySQL | PHPUnit | AWS EC2 | AWS SES | AWS S3 | Paypal.

Tools & Technologies: Lucid Chart (Database Design) | Figma (UI Design) | Postman (API Doc and End to End Automated Testing) | Jira (Issue Tracking) | Trello (Task Management) PHPStrom | VSCode | PSR-12 | PSR-5 | Git | BitBucket.

SendOutpost.com Outpost

I summarise Outpost as "Tinder for Startups and Investors". Outpost is a brain-child of a small group of investors & founders that were fed up with the traditional process of making & getting introductions. Cold calling, LinkedIn messages, the unflattering process of social begging, email overload, etc. We hate it. So, we decided to reinvent the process. We call it Outpost.

🚀 Tech Stack

Front End: Knockout.js | Bootstrap | Materialize | Figma | Photoshop | SAAS.

Back End: Python-Django | DRF (Django Rest Framework) | PostgreSQL | Celery | Digital Ocean | Python Nose (TDD) | Shell Scripting | Configure Management (Server Automation) | Slack Integration | Linux | Stripe

Tools & Technologies: Postman | Jira | Eclipse IDE | SublimeText | PEP-8 | Git | Github

Photo Sharing App Instagram for Web

Instagram for Web

A high performant prototype of an advance photo app for user with low bandwidth Internet connection. The app was built as a prototype with Indian user's in mind so that UI/UX is intiuitive and fast and responsive. The back end uses python to process images in memory and compresses and uploads them in three rendations before uploading to AWS S3 bucket, so that upload is blazing fast. The UI has two modules : A gallery module with infinite scroll and dynamic loading of photos on the fly as user scrolls through the page and a fast and snappy slideshow feature. The gallery is also grouped according to the upload date. The Upload page contains a easy to use drag and drop and multiple file selection upload feature with simultenous uploading of photos.

🚀 Tech Stack

Front End: Waypoint.js | Bootstrap | Dropzone.js | lightgallery.js.

Back End: Python-Django | DRF (Django Rest Framework) | PostgreSQL | Heruko | Python Nose | Shell Scripting | Configure Management AWS S3 | gUnicorn | Python Pillow | Python Magic

Tools & Technologies: Postman | Trello | Dropbox Paper | SublimeText | PEP-8 | Git | Github