Ahmad W Khan Videos

July 2021 An Allnighter ...

A night in the life of a remote software developer.

July 2021 A Day in the life

A look into my day in the life as a remote software developer

May 2021 Postman Workflow Tips

Automate your API workflow in Postman using the tips in this video.

February 2021 Home Office

A quick tour of my home office / Coding / Gaming Setup. I wanted to do this video for a long time and finally decided to pick up the camera and do it. I am gonna be redoing the home office again. So, thought I should at least make a last video sharing how it looks as of now. Enjoy!

January 2021 Books...

I wanted to do a book recommendation video for a long time. I wanted to do one specifically for fellow developers. Since most of the recommended books are for freshers, I decided to recommend 5 books that I think a seasoned developer can benifit from. Enjoy!

January 2021 Solving a 3X3

My brother wanted me to make a video about solving a Rubik's Cube. Since, I have been speed solving Rubik's cube for over a decade now. So, he wanted me to make an in-depth video about solving a 3X3 rubik's cube. I like how it turned out.

Nov 2020 PHP in 2020

In this vlog, I answer the question: If PHP is still a good choice as a programming language.

Nov 2020 Expectation vs Reality

Just a really short comdey sketch about coding: what people expect from it, and what the reality looks like. Enjoy :)

January 2021 MK11 Toruney Highlights

I was out of the competetive gaming scene for a while now. So, when FGC Bangaldesh approached me to play Mortal Kombat 11 in their South East Asia Winter League Tournument, I was like "F*** Yeah!". Here are some of the gameplay highlights from the few days matches. I play as Scorpion (Krazy4Sunshine) by the way. Enjoy!

Nov 2020 Competetive Coding

In this Vlog, I share my thoughts on Competetive Coding and Coding Challenges in general.